Why Create Games?

I have been an avid computer game player my entire life. They have been a  formative influence on me to date, as they are for many of my generation. Given the extent to which games can educate us, and even inform our morality, I wanted to develop games which bridge the gulf between gamer culture and religion in an appropriately cynical and witty fashion, in order that we might draw the unreachable strata into a broader conversation. 

When we’re in game worlds, I believe that many of us become the best version of ourselves: the most likely to help at a moment’s notice. The most likely to stick with a problem as long as it takes. To get up after failure and try again.
— Jane McGonigal

Priest Reading Simulator 1.0

The only mid-19th Century priest reading simulator in the universe! Prepare to be dazzled with cutting edge immersive graphics, as you take on the priest’s life - a life of quiet solitude, in reflective devotion, as you read some of the great spiritual classics of all time. Will you keep exhaustion at bay long enough to sufficiently prep for your next sermon? Find out and play Priest Reading Simulator 1.0