The Yielding Dance

Through the tent pitched bog
Rising up the wet grassy creek
Following dad to pub’s shelter
Drawing in dark cloud and sky
To sanctuary of fire and song
O how I love this rainy night
See black stout of brawny men
Knees and bellies, Gaelic cheer
Rising fiddle, and lass’s ditty
To dance as little boys enthral
Through the back rooms and
Round the bare wooden beams
To the strawberry dervish girl
The twist of tartan plaid cross
Round ta the pinball set match
Leaning in to inhale this ballad
And then back again, back again
Back to the hard-wooden floors
O how I love this rainy night
A tap and tap, he whirred us on
Spinning skirt and freckled face
Round ta the back n’ round again
Headlong past wind-lashed porch
To this liminal space to never end
Beating fast, and faster while
These pants exuberant hither end
A pound for dancing with my gal

Lewis Connolly